Good Vibes

Matt has an incredible guidance and an intuition, which is coupled with a human-ness and understanding that cuts through the waa waa we usually associate with spirituality and spiritual processes. It makes it real, and raw. The results aren’t arguable when they land in your life and start to take affect. Somehow, regardless of where you are at in your life, if this work finds you, it will be perfectly relevant to whatever challenges you are facing   – Caroline Pemberton

“Matt’s ability to support you through his sound healing work on a personal and on a group level is amazing! Matt has been a core part of our local festival programs all across Sydney, and the only way to describe it is a “transformative experience”, as it is far more than just a performance. The work Matt does is based on pure intent and his ability to hold the space for a large group while honouring the individual is down to Matt’s authenticity and absolute intention to support everyone in their own journey” – Deborah Shepherd – Founder of Embrace Life Live Life Expos

“The Sound Vibing session with Matt Omo was a truly magical experience. Matt holds a beautiful sound healing space. As well as being a great musician Matt he is an intuitive healer. I highly recommend Matt’s Sound Vibing to everyone! With huge thanks – Katie Standring – Owner Northern Beaches Birkam Yoga Studio

The value of the work that Matt does absolutely transcends the cost of any of his workshops.  I find that with every course, I continue to grow in ways that I never would have expected.  Everyone is on their own unique journey but Matt always seems to facilitate taking people to the next level of awareness.  It is so refreshing to see someone who is working in a way so aligned with their own passion.  Ultimately that one thing we all strive for is alignment to that which brings us joy, so don’t wait …..sign up because a course with Matt pays out so much more than you would have ever imagined. – Becca Meehan

Matt has shifted monumental blocks in my energy and thinking and helped me create extraordinary changes in my life. He is a master at moving energy and helping you find the very best in yourself  – Vicki Morrison

12 year smoking habit completely gone 3 days after the session…go Matt and his breath work!!! It’s totally something that everyone should experience! -Emma Layton

A truly transforming experience – Through subtle non obtrusive techniques Matt encouraged my body, mind and soul to connect to a higher source. Through these techniques I experienced various sensations of pure satisfaction and peace. In the final stages of the session my body created a final release of tears, untamed arms,  pure ecstasy, stillness, knowingness and completeness. My body began to create its own reaction to the session releasing all sort of sounds and movements that I had no control over yet need to be expresses to release what was repressed. After this session with Matt my life has seemed much more alinged and the fears I held have now dissolved. Thank you for a pure moment of ecstasy (without drugs!!!!) -Lulu R. (Creative Director and Design Lecturer)

My session with Matt was nothing short of amazing. Layers of emotions came up and were cleared as we went along. I also had the incredible experience of feeling every cell in my body vibrating for several minutes at a time. Since the healing there has been a marked improvement in my levels of communication along with my belief in myself. I feel ready to take on the world! Thank you Matt for sharing this amazing technique with me. Namaste.  -Michelle B.

After my session I felt strong, charged and in such a great mood. Rather than being hyper-sensitive, I have felt bullet proof. I am just all smiles and happy It’s soooo refreshing! I just feel so free. I’m feeling super!!! And I am really nurturing and cherishing this new found strength. I like how it feels and I want it to stick around. Thank you so much, it has had a profoundly positive impact on me.  –Emma P

I feel lighter, happier and more excited about my life and future –Lorena C.

I didn’t know what to expect, and walked away with an experience that was beyond what I could imagine. Simply Amazing! –Sarah P. (Massage Therapist and Healer)

I have done many personal growth courses ( I am the course queen), but none have ever shifted me like this one. It has turned my life upside down and I have found my happiness. It’s scary and very exciting at the same time. Also, I came away with REAL tools that I can easily continue with for the rest of my life. Sensational value. –Sonia Barton – (Therapist)

This work actually delivered real outcomes. The intimacy of the group witnessing not only my transformation, but the transformation of others was very powerful. Matt’s ability and dedication to support us through the course was outstanding. –Robyn Woods-Child – (Franchise Co-Director)

I think this work has awoken the goddess in me – I feel like a whole new person – my friends are all saying how different and ‘alive’ I look. It is so empowering and really gets you moving forward with all the things you think you might like to do ‘ one day’ and gets rid of all the ‘reasons’ why you shouldn’t be doing them right now. I am smiling again and feel the joy of the day – everyday. I am even doing things I had never thought of doing before – Singing! Drumming! –Heather McNeill – (Interior Decorator)

Matt’s has many healing gifts.  He was warm, intuitive, comforting, supportive and inspiring. His ability to listen and guide and allow us to be is unique and invaluable. I would recommend this work to anyone from anywhere. –Hoby Butchart – (Photographer)

Working with Matt brought benefits that were more than I could ever have imagined. I wanted to make some space and find my true path. I found this and more. I am not the person I was 10 weeks ago, this is not only a benefit for me, but a benefit for all that I come in contact with. I really enjoyed being able to grow and expand with likeminded and wonderful people. –Janelle Manchee – (Mother/Stockbroker)

Matt is a great facilitator in all the work he does, to heal and nurture your inner self, clear blocks, inspire and motivate you with healing, love, awareness and fun. –Natcha Lawlor – (Coach)

Matt is unfailing in his drive to navigate us towards our goals and reams. I have gained greater awareness in myself, become more body aware, learnt about projections, and feel more clarity in my life as a result of matt’s support and guidance. –Annie Larkin – (Business Owner)

I have learned to be kind to myself as I unfold into my dreams. I have learnt to have fun with life. I absolutely loved Matt’s facilitating he is patient and at the same time butt kicking.  –Tara Fischer (Connection Specialist)

I have always wanted to work with underprivileged. Homeless/displaced/indigenous/disabilities. My father told me at an early age that do gooders do more harm than good so I took up typing and put my dream to one side. I had no qualification because I feared that I was incapable of acquiring any academic certificate. Just not good enough, just not bright enough, just need to know that is how it is. Matt helped me believe in myself again. He persevered, he would not allow me to put myself down but encouraged me to push myself upwards. Today I am a qualified Case Worker in the Mental Health industry working with all of the above people.
If it was not for Matt Omo, I would never accomplished this. I owe this man a great debt. He gave me my dream back. For that I am eternally grateful.  –Libby Nipper (Case Worker)

I came to Matt looking for Clarity of vision. Well I have graciously been given this and more.  Matt has re-opened my mind and reminded me that it is a necessary part of my life. I had forgotten that in the serious energy of building business. I have always known that whatever we do in life it the primary function is to enjoy it. I had lost my way for a time.  This work has been truly invaluable. I have found a freedom to choose and re-ignite my faith and passion on the path to the future. Thanks again Matt, I am grateful for the space you provided for me to see my life with greater clarity and vision. –Michele Doyle (Kinesiologist)

By working with Matt I was able to get unstuck in my relationship. It was filling the tank again and learning it’s not too. –Danuta Stone (Bowen Therapist)

Matt’s work gave me insights into the chaos of my mind and put actions into place to evolve and go from a “thinker” to a “feeler” I was able to explore new ways to connect to myself and others. –Mara Tisci