Divine Alignment Process


Are feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed ?
Does it all just feel lonely and monotonous?
Do you feel unheard and challenged in relationships?
Does it feel like there is never time for YOU and you are always putting everyone else’s need ahead of yours?
Does it feel like there is something GREATER calling you?
Then this 7-session process is for you.
In this series you will gain valuable tools and techniques to re-ignite your passion, inspire your divine purpose, create harmony and well-being in your life and relationships and live a more authentic life.
Due to the high demand for this work, this is the last time I will be offering the course at the discounted rate and to a small intimate group of people.  Only the 5 Spots left at this reduced rate.  Email:Matt@thegongguru.com to save your spot…
This process is a culmination of exploration, training and knowledge I have gained on my healing journey over the last 30 years.
Based on wisdom I have gathered from ancient cultures around the world and now what modern science is discovering, simply that creation is sound and vibration.
As a humanity evolving, we are embracing this knowledge at much deeper level. We are becoming conscious of the symphony of sound vibrations that make up our minds, emotions and even physical bodies. Realising we aren’t bound by them. What we truly are is the vibrational manifestation of our souls.
The knowing that we are vibrational beings transmitting a vibrational signature upon the world we experience and that the world is but a resounding echo of this signature we place upon it gives us the awareness to transcend it.
Springing from this foundational concept over a 7 session, fortnightly gathering we will embark upon a journey to release our attachments to our physical, mental and emotionally bonded selves and transcend into the pure wholeness of consciousness. From here we gain access to infinite vibrational potentials and how to fine tune our vibrational signature to emit a signal aligned with our soul purpose.
Imagine being able to live from an inspired place creating a life of purpose infused with the same vibration of creation that has the power to create universes, instead of pushing ourselves driven only by our own will force into a contrived and manipulated life of struggle.
Do you understand the vastness of possibility of living a life from that space?
Can you feel what this process will offer you in your life?
 EMAIL: Email:Matt@thegongguru.com to learn how to move forward on this journey

Brief Overview of the Process  (Seven Fortnightly Sessions)

Session 1 – Safety – This is the foundation of the process. We will explore how to create a safe place for our vibrational journey to begin. We build our body awareness through somatic body work. We cultivate a relationship to our inner child or the part of our self that is pure of heart and unwounded by life trauma or conditioning.

Session 2 – Clearing – In this session we pull back the veil of denial in both our patterns of thought and emotions. The combination of these aspects, are the Vibrational Signature into which we identify with the world around us. We look at what the vibrational signature is that we are currently emitting to create the world we are living. Bringing awareness to this eliminates its hold upon us.

Session 3 – Expanding – Now we learn how to fine tune the frequency of our vibrational signature and expand into a larger version of our self. We work with how to move from negative patterns of thought into an inclusive whole view of reality. We let go of the frequency of thought and feeling that is keeping us stuck and tune into more harmonious vibrations.

Session 4 – Owning – Realising that the world around us is but an echo to the world within us, we look at the resounding echo of our vibrational signature in the world around us and embrace the power we have given away to our relationships and life situations. This is about taking responsibility for the vibrational manifestations we have created, see through a Sound Lens and shift our perception of it.

Session 5 – Being – After embracing the wisdom of the first 4 sessions we are now able to let go of the physical, mental and emotional aspects bound by time/space and emerge into the pure vibration of source. We practice just being there and receptive for the impulse, of our soul song to emerge.

Session 6 – Nurturing – How to we now bring the source of our vibrational essence into form? This is the focus of session 6. We work with how to live a vibrational inspired life and hold the frequency of that which we want to manifest instead of working in the limitations of our physical reality.

Session 7 – Self-Love – We now have a complete understanding of our whole divine vibrational self. It is now time to accept and love the fullness of it all. From here we live in the physical dualities of time/space and are not swayed by them. We see the divinity in all and send a resounding call from the source of creation through our heart and into our lives.

EMAIL: MATT@THEGONGGURU.COM to learn how to move forward on this journey